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Zirconia is a treatment performed in place of the sour outer tissue applied to a substructure consisting of a zirconium alloy, i.e. zirconium oxide. The increasing aesthetic expectation along with the developing technology has led to the use of new substances in external medicine. Zircon sixhaired porn restorations are one of them and used to be popular. Zirconia is used in dental bridges and dental implants, lamina coatings, post-core construction and various restorations. In addition, Zirconia-based orthopedic brackets are used in dental applications in implants and abutments. Zirconium is a natural and aesthetic substance in terms of its white color and light transition. It is fully compatible with dental tissueand a high allergic reaction does not occur. With the directions used at the treatment stage, the margin of error is very small. Although it is a very thin substance, it is very durable. Due to its unique communication feature, the probability of creating sensitivity in its teeth decreases. You can fulfill all the external functions of your question. Antera, which serves as Antalya Dental Clinic, also provides services on zirconium coatings. In addition to Dentistry and Dental Care procedures, zirconium and other dental veneers are also applied in our clinic.

What is Zirconia Coating?

Zirconium is a white and durable material that is used to replace the classic metal-backed porn coatings and bridge proteins that were often used in the past. Instead of gray-colored materials, zirconia has now begun to be used more often. Zirconium is used in cases where the external whitening process does not get results, in cases where the middle eastern application cannot be applied or changed, in cases where it has a large external filling. In addition, it can be used in the construction of veneers and bridge prostheses on the front and back teeth, implant-mounted prostheses, during the construction phase for smile aesthetics. Zirconium plating can be done by anyone after the age of 18-20 who has completed the stage of jaw growth. At the application stage of zirconia teeth, about 1-2 mm can be shaved from the tooth face. Such work is performed under local anesthesia and temporary overlays are prepared. Thus, the hot and cold sensitivity of the teeth decreases. In addition, with the passing coatings, the patient feels more confident in social life, his self-confidence increases. Zirconium plating can be proved until 100% satisfaction is achieved and the treatment process is completed. This process, on average, is 1-2 weeks.

How is Zirconia Coating Made?

Zirconia coating, like other exterior coating applications, is made with almost the same processes. The most important difference between exterior Decking applications is the material used in the coating application. As with the applications of different classical coatings, zirconium exterior application is made in small corrections and adjustments before it is applied. With these arrangements, the exterior is usually slightly reduced and a convenient form is given to the coating. Zirconium coating, which does not give any membrane to the teeth, is prepared with CAD / CAM technology in the laboratory according to the individual tooth sizes and mouth construction taken. Color production suitable for natural teeth zirkonium infrastructure is made suitable for clinical teeth. At the son stage, the outer coating is made with a special outer coating and applied thickly.

If the patient to whom the zirconium coating will be applied has gum problems, some precautions are taken before the treatment. First of all, existing gum disease can be treated and Zirconium teeth can be applied after this treatment. The external loss that occurs in the mouth is reflected in the compound teeth over time and nutritional problems may occur. As a result, due to gum problems that occur in the teeth, arch loss, aesthetic deformations and negativities in chewing function come to the challenge. If tooth deficiencies cannot be restored with an implant or bridge, there may also be losses in compound teeth. This product, produced with the latest technology, is used as a heat shield in space machines and as a brake disc in sports cars. Zirconium, which has proven its durability, is now also used by external physicians. Zirconium coating application, the contribution of this technical ceramic developed for dentistry to protein treatment is very high.

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There are many reasons why you prefer Antalya for zirconia coating treatment. Zirconia coating attracts the attention of patients from all over the world. The success rate of the treatment is very high, it is economical, it is performed by supervised external physicians and the quality of the materials used is at European standards. In addition, holidays can be held and study in Antalya October. Zirconia Antalya prices are more affordable than European countries for Turkish and foreign patients living in the country. High-quality and fast solutions are produced with zirconia coating technology. There are several reasons why treatment prices are cheaper in Turkey. Labor costs less, most of the materials are of high quality because they are produced in Turkey, Antalya is very easily provided to foreign patients because it is easy and cheap to reach. Affordable prices, the quality of treatment is not understood. The success rate of treatment is very high. Thousands of patients have returned happily with zirconium treatment in Antalya so far.