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Teeth straightening treatments or braces can address issues such as overcrowding of teeth, crooked teeth and gaps; fixing these issues not only creates a beautiful smile, but also improves the health of your teeth and gums, alongside a regime of regular flossing and cleaning.

We provide orthodontic treatment for adults as well as children and we have many options for your orthodontic treatment such as invisalign, invisible braces or lingual braces.

Why is age important in orthodontic treatment?

Today, parents are very interested in the oral health of their children. If the first orthodontist visit is made around the age of 6-7 when the primary teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth begin to erupt, some orthodontic problems can be resolved with very simple interventions from the end of the primary dentition period, without delaying it to adulthood.

The orthodontist will guide like a traffic policeman in the direction of the eruption and positioning of these teeth in their own way, without colliding with each other, during the eruption phase of the deciduous teeth and the eruption of the permanent teeth. Different ages will be appropriate for the treatment of different orthodontic anomalies. At the first orthodontist visit, the orthodontist will share with the family whether orthodontic anomaly will occur with his clinical experience and foresight, and when the most appropriate treatment time will be. Some bad habits such as thumb sucking can be abandoned at an early age with the help of an orthodontist.

Why should orthodontic treatment be done?

  • The aesthetic appearance of people's appearances and smiles
  • Prevention of decay and gum disease that may occur due to the difficulty of cleaning crooked teeth
  • Preventing or correcting the discomforts that may occur related to the jaw joint
  • Orthodontic treatment should be performed in order to relieve tooth wear, headache and facial pain that may occur due to the habit of clenching or other orthodontic disorders.