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What is Office-Type Teeth Whitening ?

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The office-type teeth whitening method is a teeth whitening method that gives results in a shorter time than home-type teeth whitening, which can be applied by a doctor in a clinical setting. Dental stones that will affect the whitening process, as in home whitening, etc. such negativities must be eliminated.

The dentist starts the office bleaching application by first taking measures to protect the gums and other soft tissues that may be damaged inside the mouth. By covering the gums with a protective layer, the teeth whitening agent is prevented from reaching the gums.The difference of this application from home type whitening is that the active substance of the chemical used is more and it is mandatory to use it under the supervision of the dentist. Office type whitening, which gives faster results than home type whitening, provides a much deeper whitening of the teeth when applied together with light sources such as led or laser.

Situations where teeth whitening can be applied

  • Physiological coloration that persists throughout life
  • Coloration that occurs after amalgam filling
  • The use of antibiotics in infancy
  • Discoloration from the inside of the tooth due to root canal treatment
  • Discoloration of the surface of the tooth due to the use of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and mouthwashes for a long time
  • TDiscoloration that occurs due to bleeding inside the tooth due to the death of living tissue inside the tooth as a result of trauma

The mechanism of teeth whitening

In the teeth whitening process, colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous enamel structure in the top layer of the teeth are removed with teeth whitening gels (carbemide peroxide).