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Laminated veneer lumination treatment, which is one of the aesthetic dental treatment techniques, colloquially means leaf veneer. Laminated veneers are thinner than other types of veneers, and the cutting – filing – thinning stages performed on existing teeth are lower. With minor corrections, the treatment is completed. As with porcelain or zirconium coating methods, the intensive thinning procedure is not performed. By making superficial thinning, the application phase is started immediately. It is a type of coating that is generally preferred in aesthetic smile design. It provides a natural tooth appearance and is an excellent option in terms of its natural whiteness and brightness. It is more advantageous than other coatings. Antera Dental Clinic, which serves as Antalya dental clinic, provides services in the field of laminated coating as well as dental treatment and dental care treatments.

What is a laminated coating?

Laminated veneer is a type of dental veneer that can be applied to anyone with the appropriate tooth arrangement. In case of discoloration, fracture, slight crowding on the teeth, lamination can be performed. It can be completed on average in three, four sessions, and in a week-ten days. The process of making laminated teeth begins with taking measurements of the teeth without etching in the first session. The resulting model determines how the teeth will look after finishing. Corrections can be made in the model in accordance with the aesthetic wishes of the doctor and the patient and the desired shape can be given. Then, this model is placed on the patient's teeth and the patient is given a preview of how the finished laminates will look by making a mock-up.After that, the required amount of light etching is performed on the teeth and measured with sensitive measuring materials and computer-assisted intraoral scanners. In the second session, the rehearsal of laminated teeth is performed. If everything is as desired, it is glued to the teeth with a delicate adhesive. The adhesives used today have high adhesion properties and have all the functional properties of natural teeth. Laminated veneers are very sensitive teeth.That's why you need to get some habits for long-term use. In addition to classical dental care for laminated veneer lumber, there are some factors that need to be considered. Brushing teeth is standard. You should also floss and gargle frequently. You should protect your front teeth from hard food. You should have your new teeth checked every 6 months.

How is the Laminated Coating Made?

The laminated coating, which is adapted to the tooth quickly, starts with taking intraoral measurements first. The preparatory stage is carried out in the laboratory. After the doctor and the patient decide on this model obtained, the second stage is started. The processing time may vary depending on the number of teeth to be laminated. Temporary veneers are glued to the patient's teeth and compliance problems are observed. If there are no problems, final corrections are made and laminated teeth are prepared. Laminated veneer teeth are glued with a special substance. The patient can use his new teeth immediately. Laminated coating is an aesthetic application. As with all other aesthetic applications, it gives excellent results when made with quality materials. Laminated teeth that cannot be made correctly can create very big problems for the patient. All the questions you want to ask, you should ask the doctor before the treatment and get information. The procedure begins with a photo shoot, measurements of the tooth are taken, the 3D design of the teeth begins. Each stage of Decoupage treatment proceeds depending on the communication between the doctor and the patient. In the first session, intraoral measurements of the patient are performed very precisely. The model is studied and produced in the laboratory. If the patient does not have gum problems, laminated tooth veneer treatment can be completed in 2 or 3 sessions.

Antalya Laminated Coating Prices

It is very difficult to determine a clear price for dental treatments. There are many factors that determine Antalya laminated coating prices and treatment costs. Laminated tooth is a coating similar to zirconium coating or porcelain coating methods. It is applied for the purpose of covering damaged or missing teeth with synthetic materials and correcting their aesthetic appearance. These damages can be described as if the teeth are shorter than they should be, if they are crossed, if there are Decolorizations, if there is too much space between them, or if the teeth are broken. Effective solutions to these problems are provided by laminated coating treatment. People who want to have a natural and effective smile or especially those who have wear, breakage, cracking on their front teeth prefer the laminated method. Prices vary depending on factors such as clinic, laboratory and application stage. The most important factors that determine the price of dental treatments are the experience of the dentist and the prices of the materials used for dental treatment. The materials used in the production of laminated coatings are produced in private, clinical and laboratory.You can call Antera dental clinic to get a special price for you.