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Aesthetic Dentistry

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Dental treatments and dental applications can be performed for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. Aesthetic Dentistry includes various procedures that are performed to have a completely perfect smile. Aesthetic treatments such as bonding, teeth whitening, lamina (veneers), gingival aesthetics, orthodontics and dental prostheses are the treatments covered by this branch. Since it is made individually, the same treatments cannot be applied for everyone. For some people, one or more procedures are required, while for others, all of them may be necessary. This is entirely at the initiative of the dentist and the patient. Aesthetic dentistry applications are actually restorative dental treatments. It is the restoration of non-aesthetic teeth and making them more comfortable. There are successful dental clinics in many cities of Turkey that perform these practices. However, Antalya is one of the best cities in this sense. Antalya, which has an important place in Turkey's health tourism, offers many advantages in terms of dental treatment and dental care. Antera, which is one of the clinics serving as Antalya Dental Clinic in particular, applies almost all aesthetic dentistry treatments.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

We would like to explain the definition of aesthetic dentistry by giving a few examples. In fact, the treatments performed within the scope of this branch are the same as the treatments performed in the past. The only thing that has changed is the techniques, dental materials and dental devices. 15-20 years ago, dental fillings were made of black metal material and did not look aesthetic at all in the mouth. But today, proselyte or composite dental fillings are made in natural tooth color. The only thing that has changed is the application technique and the material used. In the past, most dental treatments were performed by making an incision. Now, it is done more easily and painlessly with laser treatments. In general, the content is the same, but the application technique has changed. Aesthetic dentistry is a popular dental branch preferred by women and men.

How is Aesthetic Dentistry Performed?

The treatments we have listed above are dental practices that cover aesthetic dentistry. The way they all apply is different. But there are some steps that are generally applied:

  • A detailed oral and dental X-ray of the patient is taken.
  • First, it is determined what kind of smile the patient wants to have and the treatments are planned individually.
  • In order for these treatments to be applied, it is essential that the patient's oral structure and health condition are appropriate for this.
  • The duration of aesthetic dentistry treatments varies according to the preferred form of treatment. For some patients, it is completed in a few days, while for others it can continue for 2 months. This situation completely varies according to the treatments.
  • The factors that are missing for the patient's smile aesthetics are determined, a treatment plan is prepared, oral and dental measurements are taken and treatment is started.
  • If you want to give your teeth a perfect appearance within the scope of aesthetic dentistry and if your preference is Antalya Dental Clinic, you should also contact Antera dental clinic.

Aesthetic Dentistry Antalya

Antalya is a city that is especially preferred by foreign tourists for dental treatments. In fact, there are various reasons for this. The fact that Antalya is a tourist city, the international transport network is very wide and practical, it has equipped dental clinics, affordable treatment prices and hospitable local people have a lot of influence on this. Aesthetic Dentistry Antalya offers excellent opportunities, especially for Arab and European patients. They can find the chance of vacation and treatment at the same time. Many dental clinics serving in Antalya offer special service packages for patients from abroad. As a dental treatment in Antalya, you can also have the opportunity to have a great holiday. For detailed information, you can contact Antera Dental Clinic

Aesthetic Dentistry Prices

In order for the prices of dental treatments to be determined, the patient must be evaluated. You can only get the average price via the Internet. Aesthetic Dentistry Prices vary and are determined according to the treatment content. The demands of the patient vary according to the structure of the mouth and teeth, which treatments will be applied and the preferred material quality. In order for you to make a price request, you can send your mouth and teeth pictures to the clinic from the Internet and get a price quote accordingly. However, the net price will still be determined after the clinical examination. You can call Antera dental clinic for detailed information.