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Digital Dentistry

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Cerec – Cad/Cam Systems

CEREC technology is a short-term restoration technique with high-quality ceramic materials to digitize and design the teeth and provide optimal benefits to the patient. The technological software and computerized design unit available in the CEREC system enables the tooth designs to be created with an artistic touch in the most appropriate way with the patient’s face and mouth structure. The problematic teeth are digitally imaged and work by making new tooth restoration that is maximum compatible with the patient’s mouth. Today, CEREC Technology is accepted as the most modern and effective method of dentistry.

Where Is Cerec Technology Used?

CEREC technology is used;

  • Laminate veneer (leaf porcelain, contact lens laminates)
  • Zirconium crown
  • Porcelain Fillings and it provides the most effective dental restoration in the shortest time possible.
  • Smiling design and making of aesthetic porcelains
  • In treatment of cracked and broken teeth
  • In treatments of filling the openings between teeth and correcting the teeth deformities/li>
  • Instead of amalgamated or composite filling treatments

CEREC technology in particular has replaced the old treatment methods because of its advantages such as ease of application, high compliance and success rate, and its short-term advantages.

Advantages Of Cerec Technology

CEREC technology can reduce the waiting time to 1 week which is mostly experienced in one session, and it can be applied to every patient who wants to get new teeth without losing time. This technology, which provides each patient with special design, restoration and single appointment treatment benefits, enables you to do your dental restoration in about 30 minutes without the need for temporary tooth / fill construction. And your dentist controls the process.

  • Treatment with single appointment,
  • Dentist control throughout the process and untouched production
  • Comfortable and time-saving because no dental prosthesis / filler is used
  • All processes are realized in digital environment (sensitive compliance at micron level)
  • Sterilized, aesthetic, rapid and compatible treatment
  • Cost effectiveness

How Does Cerec Technology Work?

The dentist first takes the 3D measure of the teeth with the help of the digital camera. A new teeth design is made by considering the wishes of the patient and examining the anatomical structure of the mouth. In order to ensure that the designed teeth matches the mouth of the patient, a suitable ceramic or hybrid ceramic block is placed in the scraping unit.

How does the digital dentistry (CAD/CAM) System work?

The essence of the system is that the images obtained from the intraoral camera, which takes three-dimensional optical impressions, are processed by means of computer programs suitable for the purpose and sent to a very sensitive micro milling machine working with computer software; with this method, inlays, onlays, crowns (cover teeth), bridges and fixed prosthesis substructures are produced from zirconium and porcelain blocks.